3 Tips to Save Time on Social Media for Businesses

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Here’s the truth: managing social media accounts for a business can be time consuming. For some people, social media may be only a small part of their responsibilities and it can fall by the wayside as they simply can’t find the time to post content, engage with followers, monitor analytics and perform all the other tasks involved in maintaining an effective presence. But there’s no need to be discouraged; we’ve come up with 3 social media tips that will help you streamline your daily social media tasks.

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1.Create a Social Media Content Calendar

A little structure and organization can go a long way when managing social media accounts. A social media content calendar will keep you on track, reminding you what content to share and when to share it. Following a calendar encourages you to plan ahead and helps you avoid any last minute scrambling for something to post.

Content calendars also provide valuable perspective on your activity. Are you doing too much self-promotion? Is there a common theme throughout your posts? Are you sharing a good variety of content?  A bird’s-eye view will help you spot these trends and adjust accordingly.

If more than one person is responsible for your company’s social media, a content calendar can help keep everyone on the same page by showing what has been and what will be posted. It’s also a good place to keep a list of guidelines for your social media platforms. Are there certain posts or terminology that need to be avoided? Is there a certain tone that needs to be consistent throughout each platform? List them on your calendar.

2.Use a Social Media Management Tool

Juggling multiple social media accounts? A social media management tool can help you run a campaign across multiple platforms from a single online dashboard. In addition to scheduling messages and tweets, most management software provide analytics and tracking tools to help you measure the results of your efforts. By seeing what resonates with your followers and what doesn’t, you can narrow down your search for content to share.

Check out this list of social media management tools DashBurst has compiled. The Chatter Buzz Media team is a big fan of Hootsuite.

3.Curate for Content

A mix of both original and curated content is what you should strive for when sharing on social media. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours hunting down content. A news aggregator will do all the hard work for you, compiling news feeds from sources relevant to you and your audience into one organized feed. Interested in bioengineering? A news aggregator will search the entire web for timely articles related to bioengineering. Check out aggregators like www.feedly.com, www.swayy.co and www.topix.com to start saving time today.

With social media, like many things in life, you get what you put in. But that doesn’t mean you should be bending over backwards to make it work. Use these three tips to make your social media management strategy work smarter and faster.

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