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LinkedIn is a business network for professionals to connect with one another and highlight their skills. It provides a chance for people in the workforce to display their resumes and receive recommendations from previous employers. LinkedIn is also an optimal job search tool that can help you meet your current business goals, and it’s a valuable resource for recruiters as well.

However, in order to gain opportunities and positive feedback, it is necessary to have an excellent working profile, and you must actively provide updates and join new groups. Leveraging your LinkedIn to generate leads is not as difficult as you may think though. Here are six simple tips on becoming a prime candidate for the folks in HR.

  1. COMPLETE your profile – I know it seems like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people opt to not fully flesh out their profile by providing information in every category as well as samples of past work to enhance your credibility. Otherwise you’re sending the message that you’re not goal oriented because you don’t finish what you start. Employers can’t learn about you and your abilities if you don’t advertise them.
  2. Picture Perfect – Make sure to include a professional headshot of yourself on your profile so that companies can put a face to your name. They don’t want to hire some mystery John or Jane Doe; they want to interview Stacy Collins in her pearls and Ethan Taylor in his blue tie. Stay away from candid family vacation shots and choose a smart photo that markets your business identity.
  3. Be a Joiner – LinkedIn offers countless groups related to every industry, hobby and school out there. Joining groups related to your field will help you stay up to date on the latest news within that trade and aid you in making connections with others within similar networks. Plus, more groups you’re a part of, the more people can find you and the better your search rank results will be. So don’t be shy, join the maximum amount of groups you can on LinkedIn (50).
  4.  Remain Active – Post business related updates about your day at the office or your industry either every day or at least twice a week so that you will show up on your connections’ newsfeeds. Sharing news with your connections keeps you fresh in their minds.
  5. Get Connected – LinkedIn is another social networking platform so making connections is key. Like finding friends on Facebook or gaining followers on Twitter, LinkedIn is about building business relationships. Start out by attaching all of the active email addresses in your contact list to your profile so anyone you’ve ever met or had contact with will be able to find your profile by email. Continue to add new people to your network by connecting with fellow employees, office neighbors, clients, and vendors that you meet on a daily basis.
  6. SEO yourself – LinkedIn allows users to connect their blogs and websites to their profile which builds your link count and promotes your online presence. The more links that you build, the higher you will rank under search engine results since LinkedIn profiles tend to be given the top slots.

Written by Lauren Polhill – Lauren is a content writer for Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando Florida Social Media Company. She is currently a sophomore at Stetson University majoring in communication studies and minoring in journalism and marketing. Lauren is an aspiring writer living in Orlando

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