How to Write Sizzling Marketing Copy

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How to write a marketing copy, Orlando SEO CompanyOrlando Marketing Agency, Chatter Buzz Media, knows that developing a marketing copy that’s so hot, it sizzles, is crucial for your business.  Your copy in the past might’ve not been successful.  If that’s the case, you aren’t alone—all businesses have struggled with this before.  They go through it, and so will you.  If you take the following tips and apply them to your next marketing copy, not only will it sizzle, it’ll sell.

Top 10 Tips to Craft a Successful Marketing Copy:

1)   Capture Eyes and Turn Heads — The headline of your marketing copy is seen first.  If it doesn’t grab attention, no one will bother reading what you worked so hard on.  Try sparking interest with a title that beings with “How to”, “Free”, or have the title be a question.  Provoke your readers to take action and see what you have to say.

2)   Appealing IntroductionsGreat, you’ve caught your readers’ attention!  Now you have to keep it, even if they have busy lives.  Show you’re focused on them instead of gaining profit.  Appeal to their emotions; convey how you understand their problem from your own past experience.  Then, you can introduce your product/service as the solution.

3)   Talk, Don’t Type — You can type, of course, as copywriters do.  While drafting your marketing copy, type your words in the way you speak in real life.  Your authentic voice will engage readers instead of driving them away with robotic text.

How to write a marketing copy, Orlando Marketing Agency4)   Explain the Benefits How will your readers benefit from your products/services?  The success of your marketing copy depends on the benefits you describe to your readers.  Don’t downplay any of them, but don’t make any promises you can’t keep either.

5)   Back it Up  — Anyone can talk a good game about the benefits of this and that.  Abandon your own words for a bit and use graphs, charts, or case studies to gain your readers’ trust.

6)   Know your GoalsIf you don’t know what your goals are behind your content, the finished product won’t be worth reading.  Gain some insight by thinking about your call to action, or focus on what your target audience’s current needs are.  After you’ve discovered the purpose of your marketing copy, the writing part comes easily.

7)   Write with Length, Format with GraceStudies show that a long copy will deliver higher sales as opposed to short copy.  However, some of your readers might be busy, so format the content properly with bullet points, numbered lists, and style your words by bolding, italicizing, and/or underlining them.  These small adjustments draw the attentions of busy readers to the important details located throughout your long copy.

8)   Let your Success Speak for ItselfOr, let your past customers speak on behalf of the value of your product/service. Include their reviews and testimonials in your marketing copy to convert your readers into customers.

How to write a marketing copy9)    Emphasize your USP — Also known as your Unique Selling Point.  What makes your product/service different and better from others on the market?  Set yourself apart and show your value to your readers.  Explain—with confidence, not cockiness—why they should choose you.

10) Call to ActionThis is a no-brainer.  Include a call to action, always.  Let your readers know how to contact you, and provide current specials going on, if possible.

A well-crafted marketing copy can boost sales, increase brand awareness, create a loyal clientele base, and bring your company more success than ever before.  If our Orlando Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Company can help you create a sizzling marketing copy that’s practically on fire, visit our Orlando Marketing Company website or give us a call at (321) 236-BUZZ (2899)!

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