FREE Ebook from Orlando Internet Marketing Firm, Chatter Buzz Media –13 Tips for Avoiding Phony SEO Experts

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Avoid Phony SEO Experts, Thanks to Free Ebook from Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando Internet Marketing Firm


ORLANDO, FLA. — Want to learn how to avoid all the fake SEO companies? Now you can, thanks to Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando digital marketing company, has written an e-book called “13 Tips For Avoiding Phony SEO Experts.” This complimentary resource explains what to look for and what to avoid when searching for an SEO company.

Readers will find useful tips about how to select a creditable SEO company. This ebook makes it easy to understand SEO, even for readers who are not familiar with this digital form of marketing. With this entry-level overview about SEO, anyone can have the tools needed to choose a great SEO company.

“Some business owners shudder when they hear the term, ‘SEO’,” said Shalyn Dever, co-owner of Chatter Buzz Media. “People claim to be SEO experts with no knowledge, training, or case studies and a lot of entrepreneurs get burned in the process.”

As a result of Chatter Buzz Media’s expertise, the company itself has achieved a top ranking in the search results for Orlando SEO companies. You can benefit from sound tips from a company that has perfected its own art form.

“Small business owners are usually apprehensive about working with SEO companies,” added Ashley Cisneros, co-owner of Chatter Buzz Media. “This is because they have been scammed by illegitimate SEO services in the past, so we created an e-book that defines what a good SEO company does.”

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About Chatter Buzz Media, LLC

Based in Orlando, Fla. Chatter Buzz Media LLC helps companies and organizations engage with the target markets that matter most to them by leveraging the power of permission-based inbound marketing via the Internet. Founded by a senior engineer who was recruited by Google and an award-winning journalist, Chatter Buzz Media is a full-service Orlando Internet marketing firm specializing in website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content creation. The company won Social Madness, a corporate social media contest, for the Orlando small business market.

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