4 FREE Pinterest Analytics Tools for Business

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Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest analytics is not as advanced as the other two platforms. So on this post, I am sharing with you additional free pinterest analytics that you can use.

Currently, Pinterest analytics, can determine the following metrics:

  • Number of traffic to your board
  • Number of re-pins per each image
  • Metrics about the people who engaged with you including others they follow
  • Advice on other ways to improve your board

Here is a cool video to show you how pinterest analytics work:

Let’s be frank, because these tools are free, they will always be some limitation but hey, it’s a good start.

Granted, there are great tools you can use, but majority require you to pay for them.

How do we know this? Well, it’s because we’ve done a lot of searching for our own Pinterest profile and had a challenging time finding free tools to give us proper insights into our Pinterest account and the way users interact with our profile as well as traffic, re-pins and demographics.

We simply wanted to find out if there were any free tools out there we could begin with.

Knowing the behavior of your audience gives you a better understanding of what interests them and what doesn’t. In turn, it helps you to figure out what kind of content you should be sharing to keep them engaged and interested. This is something that’s important when it comes to Social Media.

So, fear not, because we were able to find a few good tools out there you can use that are still free.


PinReach Logo

PinReach is probably the best free analytics tool we’ve found. It gives great insight into your pinterest profile’s activity. It calculates your pin reach score; it graphs your most popular pins, popular boards and shows the change in increase or decrease of followers, pins, repins, likes, etc.

Here are some screenshots of what the platform looks like:

PinReach AnalyticsPinReach Analytics 2PinReach Analytics 3



Pinalyzer Logo


Pinalyzer is another good free tool we’ve found. It allows you to input your pinterest user name and from that it generates statistics for your profile such as your influence, activity and history of followers. It also gives a score that’s calculated as how much influence you have on pinterest. To get your score you need to be logged in with a Facebook account though.

Here are some screenshots of the analytics tool:

Pinalyzer Analytics 1 Pinalyzer Analytics 2



Pinpuff logo


Pinpuff requires your email and pinterest username for your analytics to be calculated. Once you enter that information, the first thing that comes up is your pinfluence score.

PinPuff Analytics 1

You can then choose to view your profile for more stats. It gives information like your reach score, activity score and viral score. It also tracks the activities on your boards.

Here are some screenshots of what the platform looks like:

PinPuff Analytics 2 PinPuff Analytics 3


Pinalytics Logo

Pinalytics is another tool we found that has its own value. It allows you to find and track various interactions on pinterest.  It also allows you to pull your analytics stats from Google but you need to be registered for that feature.

When it comes to tracking, you can either search for pins, boards or people. When the search results are displayed, you will see the amount of likes, repins and comments on the individual image results. You will also be able to see other stats like how many times the URL for a particular image was shared on other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Pinalytics Maybatch Image

We hope these free tools will help you in obtaining the analytics you desire for your Pinterest profiles. Remember, to get the kind of results you want, it’s important to find different and interesting ways to engage your followers.

Of course, to build up your network other factors come into play like optimizing your profiles, boards and pins in ways that will make you visible to the largest audience possible; but that’s for another blog post in the future.


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