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Facebook is so popular that even your grandparents use it. If we were going to get technical on you we could say that even the late adapters have hopped on the Facebook bandwagon.  This means that you can now reach any type of consumer through this one website.

We know it doesn’t take a digital marketing firm to help you realize just how important setting up a Facebook page can be for your business. Although, we can help inform you on how you can get the most out of your Facebook business account.

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Communicating to your audience

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, it is important to represent your business on Facebook just as you do in daily operations. Depending on what type of products or services you offer, you’ll  want to tailor your online communication to target your main consumers.

Please, do not think we want you to be deceptive about your business. You need to establish common ground and be approachable to your Facebook followers.

A great example of this is a social media account we manage for a biker law firm. Our client came to us wanting help gaining better presence on his social media platforms.  We noticed that many of his followers were sharing photos of cool motorcycles with their friends and interesting motorcycle articles. Therefore, we made it a point to share interesting motorcycle pictures and articles with all of his Facebook friends. He has since gained more followers and been able to engage with potential clients by establishing an online friendship.


The perfect post

Writing a Facebook post that will catch a consumer’s attention is not an easy task. We have found after a few failed posts that what you really need is to keep your message short and sweet. Around 80 characters is the ideal amount to get your message out and not bombard your followers with information on Facebook.

For your posts to get noticed you also want to make sure that you are not just shouting out about your company. It is great to incorporate a few calls to actions and pictures of new products every day, but make sure to mix these posts with others that are not solely about your company.

Think of your business’ Facebook just as your own personal account; your followers don’t want to only hear you preach about how great you are all the time. Mixing in interesting articles that relate to the industry you are in, posting pictures of people using your products and talking about interesting events coming up are all great things that can make your Facebook business profile more engaging .

Chatter Buzz Media's Reference for a Perfect Facebook Post


Everyone loves  friendly competition

The main goal of any company on Facebook of course is to gain more business. The best way that you can extend your reach and get others to become of a fan of your Facebook Page is to offer a promotion.  This can be in the form of a contest, coupon or sweepstakes.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

The only setback is that due to Facebook guidelines, promotions that are run on Facebook must be administered through a third-party app, instead of simply using Facebook functionality.  The good news is that there are plenty of third- party apps available. They tend to be relatively inexpensive and need no necessary web or programming experience.

When running any promotional deals it is important to make sure that you integrate an opt-in to your businesses email list. This will provide your company the opportunity to reach out in multiple ways to potential clients.

Photo Contest Example Reference at Chatter Buzz Media


No matter how well tailored your posts are or how great your promotions went, you still need to make an effort to respond and engage in conversations that your Facebook friends are having.  It might seem common sense to some, but you see so many consumer questions that often go unanswered.

Facebook is a clear reflection of a business’ customer service so it’s extremely important to set a good example. We aren’t just talking about liking peoples comments; you need to send back a direct answer to their question or offer a whole hearted thank you for sharing their thoughts on a post.

Depending on how large your company’s fan base is you should try to spend around an hour a day to respond back to your friends and reach out to new ones as well. With Facebook finally introducing the use of hash tags it’s easy to search for consumers that are interested in your services or products. Try to engage in conversation with them or start using a common hash tag that is relevant to your business so that you can expand your reach to other circles of friends.

I hope you can use some of these Facebook tactics to help improve your businesses Facebook. Remember that a Facebook page can often give potential clients a perception of what a business is like and in this new digital world, it is often one of the first impressions your business will make.

Businesses that take their time to create a great social media presence will be seen in a more credible light compared to ones who haven’t been active since 2010.

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