Introduction to Digital Legal Marketing

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Beyond Traditional Media for your Law Firm

If the Buggles’ classic hit “Video Killed the Radio Star” were written today, it would be more along the lines of the Internet killed the TV, print and radio star. The recent ubiquity of the Internet and its counterpart digital marketing has changed the game for law firms worldwide. With more and more consumers searching for legal services online, companies who fail to engage potential clients on the Internet will find themselves failing altogether. So law firms that want to succeed in this new digital frontier are best advised to think beyond traditional media and start employing digital marketing tactics to better engage existing clients and find new ones.

So, what is digital Marketing?

According to, digital marketing is a broadly defined process that relates to several varied push and pull communication techniques developed to reach consumers on the internet and their mobile devices.

The goal of digital marketing is to interact with clients in a manner and media that draws them in to an experience with your brand and law firm through digital media that calls the end user to take action. For example, to receive something free, customers can be asked to submit information that transforms them into a valuable lead and potential client.

How does it help?

Within the scope of traditional media, promotional tools included billboards, TV and radio commercials and print advertisements. Such methods proved difficult or even impossible for marketers to measure their impact and success.

But digital media is, by design, targeted, measurable and interactive. Because client interaction with digital media takes place either entirely online or on a mobile device, user views and actions are recorded and accessible to the company. This allows marketers to interpret the success of their ads and tailor new ones to perform better and reach a specific audience. The best part is there’s no wait time. All measurements take place in real-time.

What does digital marketing include?

Search engine optimization (SEO), or the technique of influencing the visibility of a website in a search engine’s organic or un-paid results, is a leading digital marketing tactic. The process fine-tunes digital content to reach the right customer at the right time.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is another form of digital marketing that helps companies reach customers online. This tactic employs paid online advertising to affect search results. Social media marketing is a process of engaging current and potential customers on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This practice can include the use of paid advertisements.

Blogging and link building is a strategy that involves the creation of content on a dedicated and branded website or webpage. This is a way to create digital content that pulls your customers deeper into your online sales process while also providing them useful and engaging information.

Digital marketing also reaches beyond Internet channels to provide customers media on their mobile devices. Mobile digital media channels include but are not limited to short messaging service (SMS), multimedia messaging service (MMS), streaming music ads, e–books, apps and games.

Find the right mix.

Digital marketing for your law firm is powerful but shouldn’t be the only tool in your toolbox. Finding the right mix of traditional and digital marketing strategies and tactics will position your law firm to reach the right client at the right time. Only with digital marketing, your clients will be able to interact with your media and take immediate action.

Want to learn more about how incorporating digital media can help your law firm? Contact Orlando and Tampa digital marketing agency, Chatter Buzz Media today to schedule a free legal marketing consultation session.


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