How to Create an Exceptional Email Campaign

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By now you should be an expert on email marketing (if not, check out my other post on the topic and I’ll get you up to speed) and how to put a basic campaign together.

But there’s more than simply thinking about what it takes to be effective in email marketing.

You have to actually make the campaign effective and make it work, too.

It’s more than just a pretty looking email that catches your attention because of a cool picture or a funny catch phrase.

It’s how everything is set up and the way it all functions together that allows an email campaign to run smoothly and efficiently.

Here are a few tips on how to get your campaign up and running, to bring the buzz your business needs.
Set up an email account
This should be the most obvious part of the whole process. You can’t have an email campaign without first having the email address to send information from.

The email account should be professional with the “reply-to” address for all marketing accounts, and not be personal. Something simple like “” works fine. It’s clear, concise and people have an idea as to what to expect from this sender.

Personal email addresses using someone’s name, like “”, could lead to headaches and irritation later on. If Kira quits, gets fired or moves to another position, the entire email account will have to be redone in order to accommodate the change in staff.

Organize your subscribers
Asking for a basic name and email address is the easiest way to get contact information from subscribers, but it can also be your downfall. There is no way to customize emails for certain groups or focus on a specific population that has shared interests.

Occupations, hobbies and even gender are great way to break the whole group up into smaller subdivisions that can be targeted with select promotions. Instead of wasting time and energy by sending irrelevant information, you send advertising that is more likely to be viewed and purchased by the group.

Plan out your campaign
It’s great that you have an email campaign, but you actually need something to put in if for it to be effective. Don’t plan on getting out an email every week if you’re now starting out. It can be difficult to think of topics and create engaging content in the early stages.

At sign up, define your newsletter as being quarterly, bi-annual or even sporadic. Some of the best things to send out are how-to tips, company news and special promotions.

Get your name out there
Make sure that people know your email newsletter is available. Have a sign up link on your website’s home page, social media page, or anywhere else consumers go to find more information on your business.

Test it out
The last thing you want is to realize that no one has gotten your emails for the past six months because it was categorized as spam.

Start by sending test newsletters to the company staff and to different email accounts that you have set up for testing. Don’t change any of the settings on these accounts, keeping them on default, and test to see if your newsletter passes through the spam filters.

Send it at the right time
When sending out your newsletter, it’s important to make sure that you send it during business hours. If a recipient has any questions, they will be expecting someone to be there when they call.

Have staff members available to answer any questions or concerns that might pop up in the office. It’s also a given that your staff is aware of the campaign and knows how to answer questions that relate to the content.

Volvo is one brand that has done a marvelous job their email campaign to generate interest in the newest car models through their targeting specific consumers. They included videos in their newsletters that would be relevant to the receiver, based on age in metropolitan areas.

As a result, Volvo received above average response rates with constant good click rates opening at 84 percent for the newsletter.

Samsung hoped to generate new sales and more customer loyalty with their email campaign by starting new campaigns, including an annual Easter Egg Hunt. These led to a jump in traffic on the Samsung website and over 14 million new page impressions.

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