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As a personal injury attorney, your law firm’s success is based on volume of new clients coming in and maintaining growth. Competition is fierce and smart lawyers know that, in order to achieve a sustainable flow of new business leads, the right marketing strategy in the right place at the right time is critical.

There are a variety of tactics that go into successful legal marketing strategies. But success is based on a solid understanding of your practice’s goals and identifying its target market. A marketing strategy to reinforce or differentiate your firm’s brand will be in stark contrast from one designed to increase your number of clients. Because personal injury law is reliant on new client acquisition, your strategy will focus on obtaining critical mass.

Once you determine who your clients are and what you want them to do, the next step is to pick a strategy to match your budget. Traditional marketing tactics like TV, billboard and print advertising are expensive and provide little data on return on investment. Digital marketing tactics, however, are highly effective, easy to measure and cost less.

Digital is often the driving marketing force behind many successful personal injury law campaigns. However, attorneys would be wise to become well-versed in the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which outline restriction and statutes regulating legal marketing activities on the web. The American Bar Association also published an outline of many common ethical pitfalls lawyers in which could find themselves. But, with a little common sense, digital marketing can be used to your advantage with little risk and lots of reward.

Here are a few digital strategies for attorneys practicing personal injury or tort law to follow in order to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing messages.

Digital Content-Based Marketing

Become the expert in your field by publishing research and analysis on topics within your legal specialty. By creating a dedicated blog on your website, you have the ability to create and distribute engaging, relevant content to your audience and generate new client leads and referrals. Smart attorneys on occasion share personal stories, family photos and information on news and upcoming events in the community in order to develop a deeper relationship with their audience.


Send regular, timely emails to clients and colleagues to stay on their radar. Share information about important legal issues that could affect clients. Create buttons for easy referrals. Include options to sign up to receive your newsletter on your website, social media pages and in your email signature. Email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate directly with your audience.

Social Media

The big three social media sites for a majority of personal injury attorneys and law firms are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These are powerful platforms for you to engage with current and potential clients, colleagues, the media and the general public. Personally crafting and sharing content and links relevant to your target audience promotes and reinforces your value to potential and current clients. For example, personal injury attorneys might provide an accident report for the day’s comment.

Maximize Landing Page Conversion

The lead conversion rate of your website, or how well your website delivers you new clients, is largely determined by a combination of content and design. Highly converting websites have impactful design, clear and concise messages and a prominent call to action asking visitors to contact the law firm for a specific reason.

It’s always a good idea to revisit your website with a discerning eye. To address the specific needs of your website visitors, an option could be to conduct a survey of your most frequently asked questions and then used the answers to inform your website design.

If you’re interested in learning how you or your personal injury law firm can benefit from effective digital marketing strategies, contact a legal digital marketing agency professional at Chatter Buzz Media to schedule your consultation.

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