13 Tips For Avoiding Phony SEO Experts

Though it has been around for a relatively long time, the institution of Search Engine Optimization got a jumpstart in recent years and continues to grow by leaps and bounds. As is the case with many industries on the rise, many people see the combination of exponential growth and relative newness of this industry as an opportunity to falsely position themselves as experts. It’s no secret that many people are unfamiliar with the details of SEO, and this allows people to swindle companies into buying their services that are not tried and true.

While being unethical and disappointing, this practice has cast a dark shadow over SEO as a whole and put legitimate SEO experts in a bad position. It is not uncommon for SEO companies to receive rude emails or have their profession downplayed and dissed at trade shows by people who have had run-ins with the self-proclaimed “experts.” Despite all of this, there are true experts out there who offer legitimate and proven services. Here are some things to steer clear of to make sure you find yourself working with a reliable SEO company.

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