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Now more than ever, homebuyers are turning to the Internet in their search for a new home. According to the National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers use the Internet during their home search, whether to find homes or information regarding the home buying process. In spite of this, real estate agents still remain an integral

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When Pinterest went live in 2010, online users were excited about a new social media site that was all about discovery. They could simply type in a category in the search bar to access thousands of images and ideas that you wouldn’t necessarily find in a magazine. While online enthusiasts found a new platform to

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Facebook. The name of this social network alone produces mixed reactions among small business owners. It was once praised as one the best online marketing tools for small businesses. By posting one update, you had the potential of reaching at least 100 users even on a slow day. With the newest algorithm update, however, reaching

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Before the age of smart phones, the only way you could check your email was to sit down at a computer. Today, however, most people check it by the minute and delete it just as quickly. As email marketing trends continue to rise, so do the chances of your email getting deleted with a simple


Is your higher education institution a household name, recognizable across the nation? Does its name alone draw throngs of students to its doors? Although name recognition is something every educational institution strives for, most students search for their potential school based on broader search terms. According to Think Education with Google Report , 83% of


The Chick-fil-A at Lee Vista in Orlando, FL hosted a “Mommy and Me” event to introduce their new grilled menu options and I decided to attend with my one and a half year old daughter. My motivation was twofold. On the one hand, I wanted to see if we had a new go-to spot for

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If you’re trying to build your audience and establish your reputation, it’s important to invest in social media platforms that best highlight your brand. For fashion or beauty enthusiasts, videos and images can easily showcase the season’s hottest trends and newest innovations. Pinterest and YouTube are great platforms that can be used to help spread

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As influence shifts from one social media site to another, and “best practices” within the social landscape fleet with each new platform update, the start of the year is a great time to refocus your organization to things that will matter over the next 12 months. According to the 2014 marketing predictions by Social Media

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Take Advantage of YouTube’s Traffic

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Digital marketing transforms as quickly as technology does. Two years ago, only 6 percent of YouTube traffic came from mobile devices. Last year, 25 percent. This year, 40 percent. Why? Very few people can go more than a few minutes without their smartphone or tablet (or both). A device is always on them, making it


Google+ for Business

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Your business is already managing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn effectively. You are engaging with your community and keeping your content consistently updated. So why should you add yet another social network to your routine and create a Google+ profile? The most important thing to consider is that Google+ is administered by Google, the #1 search


Is your business in need of some inbound marketing love, but you don’t know where to start? Here are 8 simple steps for creating powerful inbound marketing content for your business. 1)      Content is King The purpose of an inbound marketing campaign is to entice your readers to find you, learn about the services you


Press Contact: Danielle Walker (321) 236-2899 Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando Social Media Marketing Agency, Expands Team New UCF alumna Nicole Knox named Social Media Coordinator Orlando, Fla. (December 9, 2013) – As social media demands increase with a rapid influx of new clients, Central Florida digital marketing agency Chatter Buzz Media is growing


If you’re an entrepreneur with aspirations of growing your business exponentially, pursuing funding via venture capital (VC) may be the route for you.  Venture Capitalists typically provide a large amount of money to a startup in exchange for a stake in the company.  If the startup meets growth expectations, both the entrepreneur and the investor(s)


Did you know that 60-70% of jobs are obtained through some method of networking?  Merely sending a resume in response to a newspaper listing or an online job post is a thing of the past.  Companies receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes for any one job, so it’s extremely difficult to stand out.  Instead,


Orlando Marketing Agency, Chatter Buzz Media, knows that developing a marketing copy that’s so hot, it sizzles, is crucial for your business.  Your copy in the past might’ve not been successful.  If that’s the case, you aren’t alone—all businesses have struggled with this before.  They go through it, and so will you.  If you take


Whether you are speaking at a seminar or writing an article for your company’s blog, it’s essential to engage with your viewers and readers.  Creating a fun and informative speech seems like a manageable task because you’re just talking, right?  Wrong.  Surely, a similar blog post must be easier, right?  Wrong again.  You have to


Editor’s Note: This an update to a previous blog post “How to Monitor Social Media is 20 Minutes” After tweaking our method, we found an even faster way to check your social media. In this era where technology continues to advance on a daily basis, social media and its various platforms have become powerful tools


SEO Copywriting for Your Website

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Copywriting, in essence, is the process of writing content for various elements.  Copywriters create the text that you see on a brochure for a trip to Jamaica, on a billboard for an injury lawyer, on websites, in Internet marketing campaigns, magazines, and more. Copywriting is everywhere and is a crucial tool in advertising.  The content


Secrets to Lead Generation

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It’s time to discuss yet another critical facet of the digital world: lead generation. Lead generation is probably one of the most important keys to growing your business. However, many businesses either have a poor lead generation strategy in place—or—they let potentially good leads fall to the wayside. According to the 2013 B2B Lead Generation


It’s no secret that mobile advertising is a radical game-changer in the digital media and mobile industries.  It isn’t the newest kid on the block, but it isn’t moving away any time soon, either.  For large businesses that use cash as confetti at parties, the utilization of this advertising method has resulted in larger revenues.


Marketing Your Mobile App

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You just finished developing your mobile app. It’s colorful, useful, and there’s nothing else like it out there. All you have left to do is place it on an app store, and you’re good to go, right? Take a step back for a second, because there’s a lot more to it than that. Unlike a


(Image credit: jannoon028 @ We’ve all heard of Facebook and Twitter, and it’s common knowledge that they are both social media networking sites.  In order to create a visual image in your head, picture Facebook and Twitter as being wild fraternity and sorority parties where everyone is out of control.  At these events, friends


Envision a woman riding horseback on the beach or stretching in ballet class.  You ask yourself “What’s the relevance of these activities?,” only to realize that you’re watching a tampon commercial.  If you’re a man, you’ve already tuned out; this is clearly not for you.  For those still watching, the next question is, “As a

Big Corporations in Social Media

Social Media for Corporations

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It’s no surprise that numerous big time corporations are using social media. Nearly everyone has a Facebook today and companies are seeing just how profitable it is to utilize these methods for marketing and advertising, internal and external corporate communications and general brand awareness. It was enough to merely have a website years ago, but


How to Write a Media Advisory

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Does your company have an important upcoming event that needs a strategy when it comes to creating some buzz? Two effective ways to get the word out to the masses are press releases and media advisories.  Despite how similar they sound, there are significant differences between the two. What’s a Press Release?  — A press release


Social media has quickly become an indispensable tool for both businesses and entrepreneurs. At our Orlando Social Media Marketing Agency, we have found that this resource helps expand one’s market and reach a larger audience. Although this tool is useful, it can easily lead us to spend countless hours per day at our desks with


Press Contact: Danielle Walker (321) 236-0083   Orlando Digital Marketing Agency Chatter Buzz Media Annouces New Location Due to growing demand, Chatter Buzz Media packs up its old space and moves to Downtown Orlando Orlando, Fla. (September 19, 2013) –  In order to meet the growing demands of its clientele, Central Florida digital marketing agency Chatter


Press Contact: Danielle Walker (321) 236-0083   Orlando Digital Marketing Firm Chatter Buzz Media Expands Team Joann Garcia-Pollard Appointed as Digital Marketing Strategist Orlando, Fla. (September 18, 2013) – Orlando Internet marketing firm Chatter Buzz Media is adding a new member to its dynamic team. The company is proud to announce the hiring of Joann Garcia Pollard as Digital Marketing Strategist. Joann is a


How To Conduct an Image Audit

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To those who have filed their taxes in the past, the word “audit” might not be a pleasant word.  IRS audits aren’t fun by any means, but, they do serve a purpose.  With the IRS, audits are an examination of a company or an individual’s accounts and their finances.  These are done to make sure that any reported


  Email marketing is a key component of any marketing campaign nowadays. However, if marketers fail to properly craft e-newsletters and other emailed marketing peripherals, they’ll simply end up in spam folders and will never be seen by their intended recipients—all that hard work will have gone to waste. Here are a few tips to


All About Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing, in a nutshell, is defined as the marketing of products and services online. However, it can also involve awareness-building initiatives, such as those regarding a company itself, its role and activities, and other initiatives, such as those concerned with research. In this day and age, where most of the world is online 24/7,


If you are a B2B company, one of the best social media platforms to focus on is LinkedIn. Not only should you have a fully-completed and optimized personal LinkedIn profile, you should also have a LinkedIn page for your company. There are several useful features that LinkedIn offers for your company page. 1. Image Header


Corporate houses and businesses today are constantly gearing up for the use of social media platforms to reach out to the masses. Social media has also been a support tool for customer support and managing customer relations for businesses. These platforms help gauge customer emotions, feedback, product comparisons, likes, dislikes and so much more. The


Orlando Web Design Firm, Chatter Buzz Media, Creates  New Website for Rod Colón Consulting Chatter Buzz Media Teams Up with Mentor’s Company, RCC, for New Partnership ORLANDO, Fla. — Rod Colón Consulting will be sporting a brand new online image in 2013 thanks to a partnership with Chatter Buzz Media, an Internet marketing company based


Press Contact: Danielle Walker (321) 236-0083   Orlando Digital Marketing Firm Chatter Buzz Media Welcomes New Talent UCF alumna Danielle Walker named Public Relations Coordinator Orlando, Fla. (August 30, 2013) – With the rapid influx of new clients and steadily increasing projects, Central Florida digital marketing agency Chatter Buzz Media is growing and expanding its staff. The


Top Internet Browsers Internet Browsers make the www go round. On the job and off the clock, we all need browsers to surf the web and visit important (or completely unimportant and time-wasting) websites online. Many people stick to their preferred browser and swear by it, while others use an assortment of browsers for various reasons. For


10 Ideas For Press Releases

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A press release is only going to be successful if people read it. It has to be interesting, it has to be newsworthy, and most importantly, it has to be presented properly. If you have no idea how to even write a press release, I suggest you read How To Write A Press Release right


Facebook Business Secrets

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Facebook is so popular that even your grandparents use it. If we were going to get technical on you we could say that even the late adapters have hopped on the Facebook bandwagon.  This means that you can now reach any type of consumer through this one website. We know it doesn’t take a digital


  Saturday, August 17th 10am Contemporary Women’s Care of Orlando hosts monthly combined infant CPR and Newborn Care Classes on Saturdays. The infant CPR course is taught by a member of the CWC community who is both an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Registered Nurse (RN) from 10 a.m. – noon. This two-hour class is


Ashley Cisneros, a co-founder here at Chatter Buzz Media, was featured in the Aug. 9th edition of the Orlando Business Journal! In the article by Richard Bilbao, Ashley offers insight and advice about using social media for business objectives. Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando Internet Marketing firm, specializes in social media marketing in addition to website design and development, search


At our Orlando marketing firm, we firmly believe that branding and marketing are not the same. Branding comes before marketing, and serves as the foundation for marketing strategies. Branding tells you about the identity of a company; marketing persuades you to buy from the company. Careful brand analysis and finding the right branding agency can reveal


The most important part of any event is how well it is advertised. You’ve spent weeks planning, setting everything up and making sure everything will go smoothly for the big day, but if you don’t get the word out, all your hard work was for nothing. Without event promotion help, no one will know about


Why is Your Brand Important?

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Why is a brand important? Because perception strongly influences purchasing. Whatever experience your brand offers to your target market inspire to take action -– good or bad. At our Orlando branding agency, we believe that this experience determines whether the consumer becomes a loyal customer, and even an advocate of your brand. When there are


What does it mean to “know” someone? Sure, we know lots of people by their names, but that is just the beginning. Truly knowing someone involves observing their actions over time, engaging with them, and more. Think about the brands that you know. Chances are, you know much more about your favorite brands than simply


There comes a time in everyone’s life where people are going to ask for your biography. It could be an actual account of your entire life, a piece on your association with a certain thing, or it could simply be someone wanting to get to know you a little better. Whatever it is, you want


Grammar and spelling are two of the most important aspects of communication. It can be the defining points of whether or not your information comes across as something of value, or gets laughed at because it makes no sense. Poor writing can be a reflection of you, showing your lack of attention to detail and


The most important part of networking is the follow-up. You do it all the time so it’s not really anything new. Think about it. You meet a new person that seems really cool and they’re friends with your friends, so you send them a friend request through Facebook to keep in touch. Or you just


News/Press Release Template [Company Logo][DR1]                                                          [Media Contact Information] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE[DR2] Headline/Title Place a summarized introduction of the most interesting content of your release to engage the


Press Contact: Ashley Cisneros (321) 236-0083                                            Orlando Internet Marketing Agency Chatter Buzz Media Welcomes New Talent NYC Event Marketing Expert & Brand Strategist Dianna Romaguera Named Director of Integrated Marketing                                             Orlando, Fla.


It’s the one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of both rocket scientists and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists alike: the dreaded resume. Resumes get a bad rep for a good reason—it’s the first thing that a hiring manager sees of you and determines whether or not you get an interview. It’s the one place where


Most people take email writing for granted. In terms of business etiquette, writing emails with slang, poor grammar and spelling mistakes is considered unprofessional, doing little to further your cause. As part of an Orlando digital marketing agency, emails are a huge part of our correspondence when communicating with clients, other employees and agencies. The


Chatter Buzz Media, your local digital marketing firm in Orlando, submitted a blog post to YouMoz, the blog section of Moz’s website titled “Changes and Trends in Social Media in 2013 – It’s Evolving Every Day!” The blog post was accepted by Moz and published on July 5. The blog post discusses the ever-changing trends


If you think your business’ social media strategy doesn’t need to incorporate Google+, think again! Although having lackluster start, Google’s latest stab at launching a social network is a far cry from how it used to be. The numbers don’t lie: according to the latest report from eMarketer, released last June, while Facebook still reigns


Like any human being, I tend to get hungry a few times a day. And when I get hungry during my lunch break at work, I want something that’s quick, tastes good, and is worth the money. Recently, I’ve been on a Zaxby’s kick, which is a southern fast casual restaurant, or quick service restaurant,


Maybe Paula Deen’s sit down on the Today show wasn’t Oscar worthy and Reese Witherspoon can’t match Deen’s peanut butter cup brownie s’mores, but each do share a commonality reaching beyond the movie screen and kitchen. Both Paula and Reese, though respected in their industry, have fallen into a space reserved mostly by politicians for


 Learn SEO Tips & Secrets With Chatter Buzz Media ** The hangout is now open to the public, check back here for a live link and to join ** SEO is a hot topic and people want to know more about it. One of our founders, Shalyn Dever, has been working in the field of


In the spirit of graduations that have launched recent graduates into the job market, we are providing insight into one of the professional-networking sites to have impacted the online community in the past decade. Emerging in 2003, LinkedIn grew fast. Described as an online resume tool, this tool site helps individuals and professionals like yourself

A case study is a problem that needs to be solved. Topics can range from mental health and suicide of someone to whether or not the Loch Ness Monster is real, and anything in between. As long as there is a predicament of some sort that needs an answer, you’ve got a case study. A


Instagram For Business Rated Apple App Store’s number one app of 2012, Instagram took mobile devices by storm in late 2011. Now with over 100 million users checking in at least once a week, the photo-sharing and social networking service is one of the leading mobile social media apps worldwide. As Facebook and Twitter remain

By now you should be an expert on email marketing (if not, check out my other post on the topic and I’ll get you up to speed) and how to put a basic campaign together. But there’s more than simply thinking about what it takes to be effective in email marketing. You have to actually


Companies are seeing that the gap between on-line marketing and off-line marketing is shrinking. On-line marketing directly sends a message to a person or group that is a current or potential customer. If done properly, it can build loyalty, trust and brand awareness, as well as convincing the consumer to do something. Email marketing can


Known as the “virtual business card”, a professional email signature serves as a quick identifier to your recipient and really puts the cherry on top of any email for potential clients and customers. Think of the signature as bonus ad space for your Florida Internet Marketing as well as yourself. Links and social media buttons provide


When we brand ourselves, we often think that having a logo, brochure, and a website that is consistent in relation to the design is enough. The truth of the matter is, you are only half right! Today, using social media as part of your branding and as an extension of your business has become crucial


Social media is the biggest way to connect with people around the world and it’s not just for friends and families. Businesses are creating huge presences through their use of social media by creating new contacts and  connect with their customers. With over nine million small businesses starting to journey into these platforms, there are


Life is hectic. There seems to always be some sort of worry—some sort of confusion or problem—causing so much stress and anxiety that it makes it nearly impossible to focus on anything else. While stress is a natural part of life and isn’t something that can be removed completely, yoga is one way to find


If you’re tired of doing the same old, boring things every weekend, you HAVE to check out the Kissimmee Adventure Race on June 1! It’s not every day you have the chance to run amongst hot air balloons and frolic through the mud at the same time. This Orlando 5k and mud race is going


 Pitching Your Pitch, From Orlando Internet Marketing Firm Chatter Buzz Media   For NBC’s Matt Lauer and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, the workday begins at 4 a.m., arriving at their studios to prep teasers for the day and edit their selected stories. Sure, your brand might not be pitching to “Today” or “Good Morning America,” but


  Quality content serves as a necessity for today’s website (seriously, it’s the main reason why I have a job!) and a staple for any business looking to improve their rankings on Google. Businesses who try to tackle Orlando search engine optimization themselves typically fall into two scenarios: they don’t use any keywords in their blog posts


Have you ever wondered why your website visits stay stagnant? If you don’t see your site’s visits increasing, then you are missing something. Do you have an idea on what other people think about your website? Not necessarily with your content, but you might want to ask yourself how your users see your website. The way


  Now that Pinterest jumped the bandwagon with their own built-in analytics tool, only a few major social networks remain that require us to use third party tools for tracking analytics.   Twitter is at the top of the list.   So, why hasn’t Twitter joined the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest in adding their own built-in analytics tool?



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Are you a tech-geek ? Or maybe you’re a graphic designer, 3-D artist, 3-D producer, or just someone that loves to stay up-to-date on the latest tablets, headphones, the newest smartphone technology, or 3-D applications. Then your are like us, which is why your Orlando Internet Marketing team finds Leonar3do as a treat for you! Ever wanted to watch your design

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Does Facebook have you flustered? Does Twitter trip you up? With new social media platforms cropping up every day (hello Pinterest and Vine!), knowing how to use social media for business can be daunting. If you’ve got questions, you can’t afford to miss a FREE business seminar presented by Chatter Buzz Media co-founder, Shalyn Dever on Tuesday, April 30.   “New


  What is PPC? PPC stands for Pay Per Click, a service provided by Chatter Buzz Media, and a type of advertisement that customers pay for by the click or impression. PPC ads, sometimes referred to as Google click ads, can be used in conjunction with an overall Internet Marketing strategy, or they can run in


Society today lives in a fast-paced environment with constant connection to everyone and everything. However, in times of crisis, even television news stations aren’t fast enough to broadcast breaking news. By the time a news van arrives at a scene, thousands of people have already posted updates on Facebook, tweeted pictures on Twitter, and shared videos through


You know you need inspiration for content marketing, but do you find yourself lost and not sure where to look? Finding the right stories to share with your target market can seem to be daunting, but in reality they are right under your nose. Most stories that would be favorable amongst your clients are relatable

New-Facebook-Design 2 (594x392) (2)

Just like most of you, here at Chatter Buzz Media we use Facebook all throughout the day; for ourselves and for our clients. As any regular user knows, facebook changes things constantly, and recently they declared a new design for their infamous newsfeed. They are taking note of trends in other social media platforms and

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As the owners of an Orlando social media firm, my business partner Shalyn Dever and I get asked to speak to groups all over Florida and beyond. We love talking about our passion — social media. If you’re new to social media, it can be overwhelming. There are several social networking platforms, with new ones


I don’t want a puppy anymore, I want a #clydesdale — Samy Michelle (@Samy_Michelle) February 4, 2013   “I don’t want a puppy anymore, I want a #clydesdale.” That was my tweet immediately after the Budweiser “Brotherhood” Superbowl commercial ended. Myself along with almost 60,000 users mentioned “Clydesdale” in a tweet during the Big Game.


  What is the purpose of a blog or the text to a landing page? Some clients are led to believe it’s all about filling every blog post, every boilerplate for a press release, and text for each page of a website with keywords so they’re easily discoverable on a Google search. This may help


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Media Contact: Stacey Ducharme, VP Marketing & Sales 407-349-7850     Orlando Entrepreneurs Seek to Partner with FAA for Certificate Film Flight School to Create Jobs and Enable Millions in Economic Impact Makers of Hoverfly Aerial Robots Cause Social Media Sensation After Golf Channel Demo for PGA Tour


Selling Through Email Marketing Everyone is selling something these days. Take a look around: Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines are dominated by businesses and friends selling products or services. With so many sales pitches out there, a need to “level the playing field” arises, and one of them is by selling through email marketing.


What is the Can-Spam Act? The Can-Spam Act is is a law that sets rules for businesses and individuals that are sending emails for commercial purposes. Fortunately, Email Marketing services such as Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, and Constant Contact, guide users through the steps to ensure emials comply. If you are using a service like that, be


Responsive Website Design Websites play a significant role in how we share content with the world. With the advancement of technology, not having a website to represent yourself or your brand is practically unheard of in this day and age. So, what makes for a good website vs. a bad website? Well, a number of


Managing email marketing campaigns can be a chore for many small businesses. So much so that services like MailChimp and Constant Contact have become very successful capitalizing on that fact. Although very effective, these services aren’t without cost and in this economy, cost could be an inhibitor for some business owners. With that in mind,

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Myspace is back. Back again. And Justin Timberlake is the face of it. Does Facebook stand a chance? Because of the change of dynamics in social media, and the launch and successes of niche-based platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Facebook and Myspace are not eternal rivals. Nor is this Myspace’s revenge. Myspace is

Video Casting

If you are someone looking to constantly engage your audience with news content, blog materials or Q & A, then our Orlando Internet Marketing team suggests using Spreecast. Spreecast is a powerful and free tool, used for videocasting online interactive sessions where you can connect with other like-minded viewers. Unlike other similar services, Spreecast focuses on the social aspects of

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CRAP: 4 Elements in Creating Professional Designs CRAP! No, I’m not talking about the present that your dog left you this morning. I’m talking about Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity! These are the basic elements that a graphic designer should know from day one. Today, almost everybody can acquire knowledge thanks to the internet and


  Why Content Creators Should Use Social Bookmarking Sites The relief sets in, you are finally done with your latest piece of work, now what? Most blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, and other pieces of online material will have sharing options from social bookmarking sites attached. You have probably seen the share buttons; they appear on


Social Media Marketing for Business with New Foursquare App Be excited — another way to entice your target market to walk into your doors has launched! Social media for business is consistently expanding and new offerings are being introduced. After seeing small returns by allowing businesses to pay for advertisements on their app this past year, Foursquare

Copy for brochures does more than just give the basic information about the services or places being advertised. It sells them. Great brochure copy will both provide accurate information and help sell the services available to the reader. Here are a few tips on how to write wonderful copy for a brochure that will help


What is Ad Copy? Ad copy is the text of an advertisement and is delivered through several methods, with the end goal of a completed conversion. The conversion can be a sale, a download, data collection, a social action, such as a Facebook like, a YouTube play, a reTweet, and so on. Before writing copy


(Editor’s Note: Since writing this blog, Pingraphy has changed its name to Viraltag) Finally! No more getting stuck on Pinterest for way too long! For some reason every time I visit Pinterest I can pin for hours without noticing the time passing by. You may be interested in Pinterest for business, but are worried that


Appealing to Clients: Best Online Marketing Practices for Law Firms Building a law firm website can be a tough project if you don’t know how to get started. A primary question to ask when creating one should be, “Who am I trying to appeal to?” Understanding and learning who your potential clients are, will allow

Chatter Buzz Media is excited to introduce our new team members: Samantha Blanco, Ed Chapkowski, Elisa Franco, Marcy Eaker, Chris Mitchell, Michelle Ou, and Donna Raphael. Samantha Blanco is a current student at UCF striving towards her BA in Marketing; she will be contributing to Chatter Buzz’s social media, PR, and marketing teams. Ed Chapkowski


In the world of analytics, there are numerous tools we can use for various social networks to track the progress of those networks. These tools can help with your internet marketing feats. For one particular social network, Pinterest to be exact, the availability of such tools that are free to use and give you the


Psst!… Did you know that companies that maintain blogs receive 97% more inbound links than those that don’t? Or, that through blogs you can increase your indexed page count by up to 434%? If this is all news to you, I highly recommend checking out this eye-opening infographic created by Content+, a highly-respected marketing agency in the


Colors say everything about your business and website. From a selection of colors, a business can give off the impression of being fun, sophisticated, trustworthy, and everything in between. When it comes to Internet marketing, the colors for a business and website make all the difference of a first impression. There are many color palette


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chatter Buzz Media 321-236-0083 An Orlando Internet marketing company, Chatter Buzz Media, Offers Free E-Book Containing 170 Web & Social Media Resources Orlando, Fla. — An e-book full of helpful resources for anyone who wants to utilize inbound marketing is now available for free download from Chatter Buzz Media, an


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chatter Buzz Media 321-236-0083 An Orlando Internet marketing company, Chatter Buzz Media, is Offering an E-Book to Help Business Owners Use Twitter for Growth Orlando, Fla. — Twitter is a valuable marketing resource, and now business owners have access to tips to show them how to use it best. Chatter


Contact: 321-236-0083  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New E-book Available – 170 Web and Social Media Resources That Helps Market Your Business Orlando Internet Marketing Company Reveals the Best Web and Social Media Sites to Help Small Businesses Thrive ORLANDO, FLA. An e-book full of helpful resources for anyone who wants to utilize inbound marketing and