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5 Top Real Estate Marketing Tactics You Need in 2017

There was a time when a prominent downtown office was all a real estate agent needed to attract prospective sellers and buyers searching for their dream home. Those days are over. With 80% of today’s homebuyers* looking for a new home online, an agent’s online presence is already the best way to clos […]

How Much Should Companies Invest In Their Marketing Spend?

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation,” said writer Milan Cundera. We spend an immense amount of time and energy on the latter while hesitating to spend money on the former. Meanwhile study after study proves that marketing leads to a larger ROI and a stronger long-term bu […]

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Is Your Press Release Strategy Effective?

Let me know if the following situation sounds familiar: You pen a press release, send it to a lengthy list of writers and journalists, and wait to see if anyone nibbles on the bait. No one does, and your press release fails to deliver important information to possible consumers. Unfortunately, this occur […]

Adult Coloring Books in the Workplace

In the business world, it’s important employees express their creative side. One great way to do that is through adult coloring books. Adult coloring books are trending right now all over the world. According to CNN, the top selling books on Amazon have featured multiple adult coloring books this year […]

#FeministFriday: Self-empowerment in the Workplace

In the business world women often maintain a submissive attitude in comparison with their male counterparts. In a 2010 study at the University of Waterloo, it was found that “women apologize more frequently than men do in everyday life”. Also, “data suggest that women offer more apologies than men […]

Is Your Business Ready For the Holidays?

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! For consumers, that means holiday parties and family gatherings and lots of shopping. For retailers and small businesses, it means months of hard work and marketing strategies that hopefully lead to highly successful holiday sales. By this point, you […]

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