SEO & YouTube: 5 Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Video

In the vlogosphere, content is king, but that’s not the only thing that counts. To get your YouTube videos to the top of YouTube search engine rankings, I’ve collected a few tips out there to give you a list of five video SEO rules that matter.

1. Title and Description

Your title matters! Unless you’re a celebrity (where it doesn’t really matter and you get hits to your channel anyway) or a YouTube star that made your content unique and targeted to the entertainment side of the younger audiences, then as a business, you should cater to a specific audience.


Maybe you’re a business to business company and are helping other business with your friendly tips, or you’re a business to consumer-based industry that wants people to buy your products — put the key words in your title! These key words are used in the algorithm that YouTube uses in searches.

Put it at the beginning of your title, at the beginning of your description, and at the beginning of your keywords. Using 5-7 keywords is a good amount, as you don’t want to totally broaden your audience to everyone in the world, even those that may not be interested in your topic.


2. Comments and ratings

Incite people to take action with your video! Comment and ratings help your video soar through the rankings, so ask your audience at the end of your video for input, questions and general comments!

Ask them to follow you on Twitter or add you on LinkedIn. If your audience wants to know more about you, make it easier for them by putting it out there. It’s an outbound marketing trick with new school inbound marketing. Liking is also a big part of YouTube! The thumbs up sign isn’t just there for kicks and giggles.

3. Backlinks

Spread the word! Share the love! Send some cake over to your neighbors! The same way you would greet a new neighbor or be friendly to people at the grocery store is technologically still viable.

First off, submit your video link to web-sharing sites and interested blogs that match your criteria. This will generate people who are interested in a specific idea to be interested in your video.

Secondly, YouTube favors videos that drives traffic to other sites and videos! This is according to the Youtube Creator Playbook, so we know it’s based on truth.

Orlando digital marketing YouTube video

You can add Annotations to your video to add background information on your video, add multiple endings that viewers can pick, and link other videos on your own video! On Video Manager Bar at the top of your video, click on Annotations button and there you can begin adding annotations.

It’s a big world out there; it’s also a good thing to know that you have friends. So, follow this advice and make sure that you link related videos to your own!

4. Upload regularly

Publishing content regularly is one of the factors that YouTube puts in their algorithm for search results. What this means is that to get more views, you might want to think about splitting up a really long series into separate video blog parts.

This gives you more content AND quality because originally you had a really good video. Now you have several good videos that make people want to go to your channel.


5. Titles and Descriptions

Oh, did I already write this one? Well, I’m putting it again because it is really important! For the sake of repeating myself, here it is: REPEATing is key in YouTube videos! Your titles,  tags, and descriptions need to include the same information.

Remember: the most weighted and relevant key words in the beginning, and compelling information afterwards. Key words at the beginning, and your brand or content at the end.

Titles, tags, and Descriptions! It’s a wonderful world of search rankings and SEO out there — so go on and find your audience!

Jossie Barroso is a video media specialist at Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando Florida digital marketing agency. She is responsible for managing the video content of the company, through various forms such as documentaries, commercials, interviews, and events. Jossie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Production at the University of Florida in May 2012.

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